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Date: June 3rd

Time: 11:00 am

LLearn this antient weapon!  Strikes, tricks, and blocks!

Price: $10 if you have you're own knunchucks

          $15 if you don't have your own.  One will be provided for you to use and keep!

Self Defense Class

Date: June 8th
Time: 11 am
Location: La Porte Taekwondo

In this class we will be going over strategies and techniques you can use to help keep you and your family safe!

- strikes

- escapes from grabs

- ground defense

Family Classes

Date: June 10th
Time: 11 am

Kids and Parents can train together!!  If you ever wanted to workout with your child this is the class for you!  Enjoy what your child loves to do, bond with them and create memories that will last a life time!

Belt Testing!!

Dates/Time: Adults June 11th at 6:00 pm
Jr. Ranks June 12th
Little warriors: 9:15 am
White-Adv. Yellow: 10:00 am
Green-Black: 11:15 am