Always Be Informed

Our Martial Arts School is busy year-round with events. Read below to find out all the events and activities that are coming up. We also update this page with any holidays or changes to regular programming.

TKD Tournament

Date: September 18th

Location: Huffman Tx

Test your skill against students from other schools!!  Compete in events such as...



-Board Breaking 

-And many more!!

All ranks are encouraged to compete!  

Parents Night Out

Date: September 25th
Location: La Porte TaeKwonDo
Time: 6pm-10pm
Price: $25/Child

Parents do you need a night out with your signifigant other?  Here is your chance!!  

Your child will get to experience fun TaeKwonDo games, snacks, movies and much more!  Register at your Do-Jang soon!!



Date: October 31st
Time: 7pm-9pm
Location: La Porte TaeKwonDo

Price: $2/Board for members and $5/Board for non members

A Halloween Night Special!  Both students nad non students are eligable to participate in a Free 15 minute class, be taught by a certified instructor and break a board!!  Non members will also receive $25 off their 1st months membership when they sign up!  Hope to see you there and rember to wear a costume!!