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Quality Training. Excellent Results.

About La Porte TaeKwonDo

Founded on November 5th 2017, our mission has always been to combine tradition and innovation, emphasizing self defense and self-discovery rather than competition. We pride ourselves on inner-development over solely outward display. At La Porte TaeKwonDo, each vigorous hour spent training is seen as an opportunity to build confidence, discipline and both mental and physical strength.

Karate Practice

What We Value

Passing On Knowledge

We strive to create an environment where students can and will thrive. Our wonderful staff is here to share their innovative and profound teaching methods with all of our students. See what makes our Martial Arts Training Academy such a unique and successful institution. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more and to schedule your visit.

Come in and try your first class at no charge to you!  Contact us below.

Our Tenets

Respect, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control

At La Porte TaeKwonDo we believe that in order to excel at anything in life, you should possess solid values and a strong character that develop the dedication needed to achieve your goals.  We believe that these tnets are core believes that will help any excel in life.

Our Oath

I pledge to uphold freedom and justice, to not misuse TaeKwonDo, to be loyal to my instructors and fellow students, and to bring honor to my family and myself.

Our DoJang

Things to know about our School

  • Our style of TaeKwonDo originated from the Chung Do Kwan

  • We teach traditional Chang Hon Hyungs (forms)

  • We use a disciplined, command base style of teaching

  • We wear traditional white Doboks (uniforms)

  • Our rank system starts at White Belt (11th-Gup) and progresses to Adv. Red Belt (1st-Gup) before going to Black Belt

  • We are part of a group of DoJangs called the TaeKwonDo Warriors of America

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